RtcwPro Downloads

Version on server @rtcwpro.com:27960 (compile date: November 19 2020 15:34:55)

RtcwPro Beta 1.0 Client Instructions

  1. Download rtcwpro.pk3 above
  2. Save rtcwpro.pk3 to your Downloads directory
  3. Go to your /Return to Castle Wolfenstein/ install directory. If "rtcwpro" directory does not exist, right-click and make a new folder named "rtcwpro"
  4. Drag rtcwpro.pk3 from your Downloads folder into your /Return to Castle Wolfenstein/rtcwpro/ folder

RtcwPro binds not in OSP

+statsstats window
forcetapouthelps not miss spawn at last second (bind key "+moveup; forcetapout" or create a new bind)
minimizeminimize the client

RtcwPro features not in OSP

For more information go to RtcwPro Discord here

For Sunday and Thursday night gathers go to Planet Rtcw Discord here

To log issues/bugs in the mod please visit Github and submit a new issue - RtcwPro Repository