RtcwPro 1.2 Install Instructions

NOTE: This client REQUIRES that you already have 1.4 installed. You can get it from: http://rtcw.life/files/?dir=other/RTCW%201.4%20download%20(Multiplayer%20and%20Singleplayer)

NOTE: This is a standalone client that should be installed SEPARATELY from your 1.4

Download the RTCWPro client from here -> https://rtcwpro.com/downloads/RtcwPro1.2.112.zip Updated September 12th, 2021

Video Directions here -> http://rtcwpro.com/RtcwProInstall.mov



ALWAYS run the game from the shortcut called RtcwPro located in the game directory. NOT from the wolfmp.exe

After installation, you should see 1.4 pak files (pak0, mp_paks, mp_pakmaps, and .dlls in your rtcwpro/main installation). If that is not the case, you can copy them from your 1.4 main to your rtcwpro/main manutally.

If you crash to desktop at intermission/round end, right click the shortcut > properties > compatibility > run in Windows XP SP3 mode.

RtcwPro 1.2 Servers

NA Servers

Europe servers