New features and binds available in RTCW Pro

New Features

  • unlag antilag
  • updated head hitbox animation (RtcwPub port)
  • antiwarp - prevents players warping around on your screen
  • faster PK3 downloads - sv_dlRate (ioRtcw port)
  • player HUD names during spectating
  • updated statistics - eventually will be web-based
  • global level server configuration (ET port)
  • server cvar restrictions (ET port - in progress)
  • sv_fps fixes for flamethrower (sv_fps above 30 causes flamethrower to shoot farther)
  • allow teams feature for ET map porting (i.e. specific team can open doors with lock)
  • minimizer using "minimize" console command

New Binds

  • +stats - Display a stats window
  • forcetapout - Helps not miss spawn at the last second (bind key "+moveup; forcetapout" or make a new bind
  • minimize - Minimizes the client